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Custom Gift Box

Custom printed gift boxes give businesses the opportunity to promote their brand while providing their customers with high-quality packaging.

Offering custom branded giftware boxes to your customers is a great way to enhance the buying experience and increase your marketing reach. Many luxury retailer utilize custom printed gift boxes, apparel boxes, and high quality boxes to package their products. Some retailers may use custom giftware boxes year-round and some may use them exclusively for the holiday season.

Using custom gift boxes in your retail store can provide convenience to your customer so that they don’t need to use separate gift packaging. These boxes can be reused by your customers and gift recipients which makes them more environmentally friendly while also increasing the reach of your brand name. Many of these boxes can be made with recycled materials and can be recyclable or biodegradable.

There are many styles of custom giftware boxes that can be custom printed and personalized for your brand. Boxes can be one or two-pieces, with rigid construction or folding assembly. Custom boxs can be manufactured with varying thicknesses from simple paperboard to luxurious heavyweight board. Custom printed gift boxes can include unique closure options such as ribbon closure, magnetic closure, or locking lids and bases.

There are many custom printing options for custom gift boxes and apparel boxes, including ink printing, foil hot-stamping, digital printing, and many special finishes. Multiple printing techniques can be used on the same box for a truly unique look. Specialty papers can be used as well as laminated finishes or UV varnishes and embossing and debossing for added texture.

Custom printed gift boxes present a wonderful opportunity to promote your company’s brand to current and potential customers. Look to us for all your retail and green packaging needs, and let us show you how to make the most out of the promotional potential of custom packaging.

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