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Design printing common sense 2020-07-16

The process of printing

1. The early stage of printing, it refers to the work before printing, it generally refers to photography, design or production, lean matter, output film, printing down, etc.

2. The middle stage of printing, it refers to the mid-term printing work, through the process of printing, producing the finished product.

3. The late stage of printing, it refers to the later work, it generally refers to the post-processing, it includes the lamination, mounting paper, cutting or die-cutting, quality inspection, etc.

The element of printing

1. There are a lot of types of paper, which can be divided into coated paper and uncoated paper. The coated paper refers to art paper and matt art paper (matte art paper mostly used for colorful printing; uncoated paper refers to offset paper, newsprint, and mostly used for stationery, envelope and newspaper printing

2. CMYK(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlacK) is the standard color model used in offset printing for full-color documents. Because such printing uses inks of these four basic colors, it is often called four-color printing. The methods to improve the grade of printed matter, such as stamping, embossing, lamination,  the use of spot colors, partial UV, etc.

The Classification of printing

1. Classified by the ultimate product

Office printing matters:  such as stationeries, envelopes, and some office form printing matters etc., which are related to the Office.

Promotional printing matters: such as posters, leaflets, product catalogs, etc., a series of printed matters, which are related to business promotion.

Production printing matter:  it refers to a large quantities of printed products that they are directly related to the printing matter, such as packaging boxes and self-adhesive labels.

2. Classify by printing machine

Offset printing refers to transfering the ink on the rubber surface to the paper surface through the roller-type rubber stamp.

Intaglio printmaking refers to the use of gravure, mostly used for plastic printing.

flexography refers to the use of flexible material plates ( such as resin plates), which are mostly used for self-adhesive printing.

Screen printing refers to the use of silk screen as the base, and through the photosensitive plate making method to make a screen printing plate with graphics, which can be printed on various materials.

3. Classify by material

Paper printing, the most commonly used printing.

Plastic printing, mostly used for packaging printing.

Special materials, it refers to the glass, metal, wood and other printing.

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