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Designer must see | You must know the book printing process 2020-06-18
With the economic development, people's material level is getting higher and higher, the demand is gradually increasing, the quality of the process requirements is getting more and more refined, and the situation is becoming more and more diverse.

Today, I will take you to appreciate some book printing processes and feel the beauty of book design.

1. Bronze printing and deboss

The deboss forms the human touch and vision of the printed materials. The spatial relationship formed by touch is not just a visual relationship.

2. Hot stamping printing

There is a clear contrast between the printed gold, hot stamping and black in the layout, the level is more intense.

3. Deboss

There is no printing ink, the effect is achieved through the process.




7.die cutting

die cutting is a common way in the printing process. Some die cutting are very interesting and can achieve the feeling of space through hollowing. Not hollowed out for hollowing out.

8.Accordion fold

9.Reel Phnom Penh (rolling Phnom Penh)

The overall appearance of the rolled gold edge is relatively high-end, covering the cutting edge of the paper.

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