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Lingmei Culture moves forward, Create a Lingnan Culture that never ends 2020-11-30

"2020 Guangzhou Cultural Industry Fair" (referred to as "Guangzhou Fair") grandly opened in Guangzhou Yuexiu International Convention Center on November 22, and the main venue of Guangzhou Cultural Fair came to an end on November 25. With the theme of "Integration of Culture and Tourism, Innovation of Business Forms, and Co-construction of the Bay Area", this year's ICIF will focus on the new economy of culture and tourism, highlight new business forms of culture and tourism, adhere to market-oriented operations, cultivate high-quality projects, and at the same time cross-border integration into Guangzhou The "magic weapon" for activating the vitality of intangible heritage, innovative protection methods such as "intangible heritage + tourism", "intangible heritage + commerce", and "intangible heritage + cultural creation" have become a trend and have attracted much attention.

Digitization is the forerunner, new formats are sought after

The 2020 Guangzhou Cultural Tourism New Business Achievement Exhibition is organized and implemented by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism and Guangzhou Urban Investment Group, focusing on the city’s digital culture, cultural creativity, cultural tourism cloud services, cultural tourism consumption, non-heritage cultural innovation and other cultural tourism The latest results of new formats.

Intangible cultural heritage is still the star of the conference

Intangible cultural heritage remains the star of the conference. Guangzhou Lingmei Culture Technology Co., Ltd., as an exhibitor of the 2020 Cultural Fair, is committed to broadening the channels of intangible cultural heritage research and display and further promoting the inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage. It also develops courses for the inheritors of intangible cultural heritage and becomes influential A powerful intangible cultural heritage transmission protection unit.

Lingmei's technology can express the subtle layers of ancient paintings in a richer and more detailed manner. With the help of artistic nano-spray technology, the delicate and sensitive paintings and calligraphy hidden in the collections of cultural institutions have more The opportunity to meet with the public also allows art students to better grasp the brushwork and artistic conception of famous artists.

Lingmei Culture won the 7th China Printing Awards

We have successfully reproduced the Tongcao tablets processed with Tongtuo wood cores, and the Guangzhou Intangible Heritage Tongcao paintings, which have disappeared from the public's sight for more than 100 years, have reappeared in front of the public and entered thousands of households. This technology also won the "Seventh China Printing Award" (Environmental Printing·Art Reproduction Category), which has an influence covering the four places across the strait. The media reporters saw at the exhibition site that through the brand-new reproduction technology, the pictures that recorded the style of Guangzhou at that time were no different from their mothers that have been preserved over a long period of time.

Lingmei Culture has been researching “reproduction of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting art using nano-micro-jet technology” for more than ten years. It has successively conquered the reproduction of calligraphy and calligraphy using Lingnan’s legacy grass, silk and handmade rice paper as carriers, and successfully solved the problem. Issues such as ink and wash control and light fastness of the reproduction works.

Tongcao painting originated in Guangzhou in the 18th and 19th centuries. It has the reputation of "Oriental postcard". It was an important window for overseas to understand the customs of Chinese characters. It also witnessed Guangzhou's historical position on the Maritime Silk Road. It has profound historical significance and culture. value. Therefore, the ability to reproduce intangible cultural heritage art works through modern technology in the 21st century is a strong inheritance and development of the traditional Lingnan culture of Guangzhou.

During the "Achievements Exhibition of Cultural and Tourism New Formats", Lingmei Culture will focus on displaying a batch of high-quality re-engraved works of Tongcao paintings, as well as many re-engraved works of Chinese classics and famous paintings and a variety of cultural innovations. Mei Culture also brought the world's leading 3D high-definition scanning technology, and will demonstrate the application on site. More outstanding achievements and surprise details of "New Cultural Tourism" will be decrypted on site!

During the 2020 Guangzhou Cultural Industry Fair, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism organized the Guangzhou Cultural Tourism Industry Achievement Exhibition, which not only reflects the good momentum of the cultural tourism industry's recovery and development after the epidemic in Guangzhou, but also conveys Guangzhou's efforts to cultivate new cultural tourism. The determination and confidence in the rapid development of the industry economy. Lingmei people will forge ahead to create a "Lingnan culture" that never ends.

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