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Lingmei Culture won multiple awards for the quality of packaging and printing in Guangzhou in 2020 2021-03-18

[Good news] Congratulations to Lingmei Culture for winning multiple awards in the 2020 Guangzhou Packaging and Printing Quality Competition

In the 2020 printing and packaging quality competition, Guangzhou Lingmei Cultural Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved excellent results of 2 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze and won the "Book Gold Award" and "Packaging and Printing Gold Award".

Our Award-winning products

hardcover book printing

custom printed paper bags

personalized notebook

softcover book printing

softcover book printingchildren hardcover book

children board book

Thanks to people from all walks of life for their trust and strong support to our company, Lingmei Culture will definitely work hard to provide more professional and comprehensive printing technology and services in the field of book binding design art.

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