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Pre printing

We have a team of technical staff to provide our customers with all kinds of prepress service,including professional typesetting and designing, document making, image color processing, plate making, film output, digital proofing, digital direct printing etc.

Printing system

We currently have 8-Color Offset, 5-Color Offset and 4-Color Offset presses to satisfy high-volume production.With a modern factory in a clean, bright and comfortable environment; including experienced technicians, advanced science and technology, we provide customers with quality products.

After-press Processing

We have perfect and complete after-press manufacturing and faultless binding technology. We use many kinds of binding production lines, including hardcover binding, saddle stitching, perfect binding, sewing binding, wire-o binding. In addition to using fully-automatic production equipment, we have decades of tradition printing experience which ensure our product's quality is perfect. Our customers can be completely satisfied with our high quality and efficiency.

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