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Saddle Stitching Book

Types of Publications That Are Saddle-Stitched

Saddle-stitching is a common binding method for small booklets, calendars, pocket-size address books and some magazines. Binding with saddle-stitching creates booklets that can be opened up flat. The binding method is a good binding option for booklets with a relatively low page count. The number of pages that can be bound using saddle-stitching is limited by the bulk of the paper it is printed on, but the typical recommendation is 64 pages or less for a nice, flat booklet.

About Saddle-Stitching

It is a relatively inexpensive binding method.

It is one of the quicker binding methods in bindery production. After the sheets are folded, one machine can collate, stitch and trim the booklets, all in one pass. Some machines can even handle the folding stage.

Booklets lie flat when they are opened.

A saddle-stitched booklet does not have a flat spine for printing.

It is excellent for artwork, graphs or maps that span two pages because the booklet lies flat when open.

Because of the construction, saddle-stitched booklets have pages in multiples of four, so your booklet can have four pages (plus a cover) or eight, 12, 16, and so on.

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